Building A Resilient Lower Back & Core

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A comprehensive program for stretching, mobilizing and strengthening your lower back & core… So you can keep doing the things you love to do!


Who this is for

Joint pain often-times sneaks up on us. Little-by-little, repetitive daily movements that were fine before cause aches and pains that show up out of nowhere. Maybe you throw out your low back playing golf, or perhaps you feel a strange pinching in your back as you reach into the trunk of your car.

This course provides exercises and drills to help reduce inflammation, increase mobility and build strength in your low back and core. No matter if you already feel pain or are looking for preventative exercises, this course will help you to build resilience for the long-term.

Daily Activities

Our low back is the connection between our lower body and back, and we expect A LOT of it! It helps us to sit up straight, twist from side to side, and supports many of our internal organs. We plan out appointments, fitness routines and meals, but very rarely do we take the time to care for the parts of our body that get us to and from these activities. Worst of all, we only are reminded about how useful they are when injured or pain creeps in.

Speed Bumps When You're Just Trying to Have Some Fun


Unfortunately, things happen. Lingering pain from an injury can haunt you well past the original injury. Using the techniques in Building a Resilient Lower Back & Core, you'll be better able to avoid injuries by building a strong foundation as well as recover faster when injuries do occur.

What You’ll Get with this Course

  • Self-Paced Instruction
  • 3 Downloadable and printable exercise checklists
  • Unlimited access to all low back lessons
  • Message instructor any time for issues or questions
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee

This Course Guides You Through 3 Phases for a Healthy Lower Back & Core

Reduce Inflammation

Learn techniques that help increase blood flow and circulation upstream and downstream of your low back. Often-times, pain manifests in one place, but its root cause is in another one entirely.


Start bringing light movement to the low back and core through rocks, circles and stretching drills.


Use progressive exercises to build strength into your muscles, tendons and ligaments for a stronger, healthier neck.

Sample Curriculum

Phase 1: Reduce Inflammation
Phase 2: Increase Mobility
Phase 3: Build Strength

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