Creating The Agile Lifestyle

We’re Dayna & Ramm. When we met, we had full-time jobs alongside part-time jobs, full-time commitments, car payment, student debt, mortgage and rent payments to make…

We both knew we needed a lifestyle change; that we wanted to simplify and to see if we could create a lifestyle that was more aligned with our passions .

This kind of lifestyle change does not happen overnight! It required dreaming, planning, executing, learning from mistakes, and making some hard sacrifices.

Thankfully, we had a great set of tools to get started

  • Systems Thinking and Design
  • Teaching and Curriculum Development
  • Change Management
  • Game Theory (Psychology)
  • A fascination for human movement and potential

Along with decades of experience practicing mind-body training.

This is our secret sauce that ensures you have resilience in body and mind for your next life chapter.

  • Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Ninjutsu, Capoeira)
  • Black belt in Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu
  • U.S.G.A. Certified Gymnastics Coaching
  • GYROTONIC®, Pilates, yoga
  • APEX Movement Parkour Instructor
  • Holistic Nutritional Therapy
  • CrossFit Nutrition & Movement Specialization

Over the past ~10 years since we launched on our own agile lifestyle, these tools have expanded and sharpened.

We work with our clients to prepare for mini-retirement, a sabbatical, or career change to 

Create your agile lifestyle, mind, and body with us and explore the art of living

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