The Agile Life Plan


A 12-week guide for balancing mindset, exercise and nutrition along the path to achieving your life goals.

◆ KEEP SCORE OF YOUR POSITIVE HABITS – How do you know if your team is winning or losing? By keeping score! Life isn’t all about keeping score, but when you can see how your daily positive habits stack up next to lagging health indicators, you can make informed changes to your lifestyle to be at your best performance.

◆ HANDWRITING TRIGGERS DEEP-ROOTED FUNCTIONS IN YOUR BRAIN – Research shows that writing by hand can help with memory, language, thinking, even healing. In a technology heavy, app-centric, typing-based world, take time to be creative and feel the pages underneath your pen as you capture your own personal legend.

◆ SET GOALS AND SEE THEIR INCREMENTAL PROGRESS – How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Big goals can happen in short time-frames when they’re broken down into smaller chunks. Celebrate small wins as you work toward a 12-week goal. Know that you’ll reach your goal with daily and weekly check-ins rather than getting to the end with no goal met and nothing to show you were even on (or off) track.

◆ DAILY AND WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY TO YOU – You’re in the driver’s seat. No app or program can know how YOU are doing. Set a goal, schedule it into your life, then track it for the next 12-weeks while practicing Healthy Habits. Each day is a new opportunity to do better than the last and your goals will benefit from you focusing on your health and wellness.

◆ OPEN START TIME – Your start date is Monday so you can get to work immediately and not get stifled by monthly parameters. No need to wait for the next month or year to focus on your new commitment to yourself.


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