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“Working with Ramm and Dayna is completely different from any other coaching I’ve done before. I have been through many coaching programs in the past, both professional and personal. Ramm and Dayna have more than met my expectations and their method of coaching is exactly what I need. 

The pacing of the sessions has been consistent and is the perfect amount in my busy life. I feel challenged but not overwhelmed, and we’ve already uncovered some key areas that needed to be worked on. I’m able to practice the techniques from our coaching directly after our sessions and then get to review the outcome in the next one.”

Donna Schorr

Real Estate Broker
Fredrick Zal

When I was a kid, teenager, and into my twenties I loved to climb the outside of buildings, jump through windows, dive/spin through the air, and lots of other fun things.  At 42 years of age, I remembered Parkour and got excited to get back into it.  

Ramman has helped me to transform my body and skills so that I may safely do things that I have not been able to do for decades.  Plus, he is really fun!  I look forward to when he has a permanent indoor gym where we may all play no matter the weather!”

Fredrick Z.

www.fhzal.com, Architecture | Furniture | Art

Ramman is top notch!   He took me from a classic weightlifter, stuck in a uni-dimensional model of movement, enduring various ligament and muscle injuries most of my life, to a functional athlete excelling in movements beyond what I could have ever imagined and injury-free!   His style of coaching helped me to understand the value of listening and connecting to movement in a way that has transferred from my workouts into my day-to-day life.  And most importantly he made every workout session fun!”

Kristi Lahusen

Sales Manager

“I have had to keep this little gem (The Agile Life Plan) under my hat until NOW!! I have loved bullet journals and journaling and have seen a difference in my life starting each day in a purposeful way.

The creator of the plan reached out to me to have me test out the 12 week plan. I set a goal and I’m 4 weeks in and found the layout and design fed into my type A personality and inspired me to head down a path I would be too overwhelmed to attack prior.”

Stephanie Stackhouse

Co-Founder Stackhouse Wealth Strategies

“I used a journal in the past when working with an executive business coach to balance work and life. I like writing things down, when I do, I remember things more. When my Crossfit gym closed down during covid and my entire fitness community was suddenly taken away from me, I had a hard time motivating myself to do the same level of activity by myself. I saw weight piling on and felt less and less healthy. I needed a kick in the ass!

The Agile Life Plan has helped me to journal like I did with my executive coach, and also score the healthy habits I’m doing. Keeping score gives me a quick way to see if I’m on track with my goal to move more. It’s the kick in the ass I needed!”

Nikki Nowack

Senior Manager

Ramman has a creative way with breaking down difficult moves into attainable easy to learn chunks. His patience when working with adults who don’t have a background in gymnastics makes his classes feel very safe and welcoming even for beginners. Additionally, Ramman’s focus on injury prevention and when necessary, recovery is highly relevant and useful for those of us who aren’t gifted with bulletproof bodies or who aren’t small enough to just bounce when we hit the ground. 🙂

Lastly, Ramman’s ability to figure out routines that I could use even with an insane work and travel schedule was tremendously useful and appreciated. I took one bodyweight workout he gave me to hotels around the world and have used parts of it on and off ever since.”

Toby Kohlenberg.

Senior Information Security Risk Strategist
Chris Rall

I was drawn to working with Ramman because I came to a new epiphany about what it means to be fit. Getting stronger is one thing. Improving flexibility is another. But putting those two things together with a third ingredient of learning to move is what can make us more capable of anything. Ramman got me through his 10-week introduction to parkour class safely at the age of 43, and now I’m moving in ways I don’t think I could have in my 20s. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Chris Rall

"Busy but fit Portland dad"

“I recommend The Agile Life Plan to people who are in the beginning of their wellness journey. The Agility Points are a great way to give me something to track, even if I haven’t journaled or had time to add tasks to my busy day. Keeping score helps me to specify things that make me feel good or bad. For example, I have had chronic sinus issues, but normally don’t think about them on a daily basis. Now, I am confronted with them daily when checking off the congestion box, so I know I need to take action about this lingering health issue.”


Registered Nurse and Community Health Adviser

“There’s something really nice about pen and paper for writing in a book and to be excited about goals. Somehow that feels more real. With The Agile Life Plan, I can document the process of my goals in a 12-week period and clearly see where I’m going along the way. The size and compactness of the planner makes it easy to carry with me anywhere. It helps me to focus on my work because it’s a book and not another app or note that gets lost on my phone. The Agile Life Plan is both structured and open for personal creativity, so I have been able to create my own legend and system to use within.”

Zach Job

Ben Musholt

“I’ve trained with Ramman Turner for the past 10 years and always count on his excellent advice for learning to move better. He is a master of the movement arts and a teacher who can guide you to your highest performance.”

Ben Musholt

author of the Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia
Matt Melius

Ramman Turner is on point when it comes to personal fitness, both mental and physical. His hands on approach provides the client with clear and attainable objectives. During the training sessions Ramman makes sure to provide quality examples and effective teaching techniques giving the individual client the confidence and support to overcome even the most difficult challenges. Ramman is a trainer who is clearly invested in seeing his clients meet their individual goals. His depth of knowledge and patience leads to a great training environment for individuals of all fitness levels.”

Matt Melius

Research Assistant at Portland State University
Steve Amiel

Ramman is a solid trainer with many facets. He draws on his knowledge of nutrition, movement kinetics and sports medicine. His holistic approach is able to balance his clients no matter what condition they are at. Ramman is patient and process oriented; he knows how to push people beyond their capacity in order to achieve growth and results.”

Steve Amiel

Credit Manager
Mandy Stockholm

Ramman Turner is an excellent instructor in movement and physical awareness. His patience and intuitive nature allows his teachings to adapt to a broad range of learning styles. 

After taking his Parkour class, I felt more confident in my movements with balance and agility. I would definitely recommend Ramman’s classes to anyone interested in expanding their physical range of motion, and adding stealth and swiftness to their capabilities.”

Mandy Stockholm

Performing Artist
Gregory Cosmo Haun

My son and I couldn’t have found a better breakdance instructor than Ramman. In my son’s words: “Ramman is really nice, he’s really good at helping me understand techniques and moves and doesn’t get mad if I don’t. He’s patient, and he gives all the details and attention to every component of breakdancing. He promotes creativity too. He’s really good at breakdancing; he takes it seriously but makes it fun.” And I appreciate Ramman’s exemplary attention to conditioning and safety. We’re thrilled to be working with him.”

Gregory Cosmo Haun

CTO / Director of Engineering
Rick Huddle

“I’ve gone to many of Ramman’s classes- he always makes sure we get a great, all-body workout! I’ve become a better, stronger, better-balanced athlete by attending them. He’s very knowledgeable, creative, and lives what he preaches. Highly recommend him.”

Rick Huddle

Owner at Rick Huddle Productions
Lewis Childs

“I worked with Ramman for several months doing cross-fit programs in groupand one-on-one sessions. As an instructor he is is knowledgable, has great attention to detail and knows how to get results. Ramman embodies fitness. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to, “get in shape,” and find that the skills I learned in his sessions are still with me in my personal practice of staying physically fit.”

Lewis Childs Pollard

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